Bitcoin Exchange Rates

Bitcoin AUD Bitcoin exchange rate AUD CAD Bitcoin exchange rate CAD Bitcoin CNY Bitcoin exchange rate CNY Bitcoin Euro Bitcoin exchange rate EUR Bitcoin UK Pounds Bitcoin exchange rate GBP Bitcoin JPY Bitcoin exchange rate JPY Bitcoin NZD Bitcoin exchange rate NZD Bitcoin USD exchange rate USD
AU$146.82CA$147.61823.66 元95.89 €£80.24¥13,564NZ$156.02$133.35

Bitcoin to USD Bitcoin exchange rate 1 Bitcoin = USD


Real time BTC to USD exchange rate from latest market trades

Bitcoin to EURO Bitcoin exchange rate 1 Bitcoin = EUR

95.89 €

Real time BTC to EURO exchange rate from latest market trades

Bitcoin to GBP Bitcoin exchange rate 1 Bitcoin = GBP


Real time BTC to GBP exchange rate from latest market trades

Bitcoin Price Updates

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Our site provides real-time Bitcoin values based on the latest trading price data from the leading Bitcoin Exchanges.

We post hourly rates for BTC to USD, BTC to EUR and BTC to GBP conversion rates to our Twitter feed so please follow us there. We also have a Facebook page so please Like Us there.

At the top of the page you will see the current Bitcoin prices for:

Bitcoin USD exchange rate USD Bitcoin CAD exchange rate CAD Bitcoin Euro exchange rate EUR Bitcoin UK Pounds exchange rate GBP Bitcoin AUD exchange rate AUD Bitcoin NZD exchange rate NZD Bitcoin CNY exchange rate CNY Bitcoin JPY exchange rate JPY

Please note that these rates are for your guidance and should be used in isolation to make decisions about your financial investment in Bitcoin.

If you are new to Bitcoin, please visit our Bitcoin Wiki where there is a 30 minutes video giving the history of Bitcoin and how Bitcoin works.

Recently online services and exchanges dealing in Bitcoins have been hit by hack attacks that led to a drop in the value of the virtual currency.

Trading on the MTGox exchange, which handles most trades in Bitcoins, has been affected by these attacks helped to force a swift fall in the price of Bitcoins. Please check back here regularly to monitor the price trends.

We also offer Bitcoin Ticker pages for the 3 main currencies:

You may also be looking for Bitcoin Charts

Our Bitcoin Charts provide you with the latest selling price for Bitcoins. You can use the Currency selector to switch between Bitcoin Prices in:

  • USD – Bitcoin to US Dollar exchange rate
  • CAD – Bitcoin to Canadian Dollar exchange rate
  • EUR – Bitcoin to Euro exchange rate
  • JPY – Bitcoin to Japanese Yen exchnage rate
  • CHF – Bitcoin to Swiss Franc exchange rate
  • AUD – Bitcoin to Australian Dollar exchange rate
  • NZD - Bitcoin to New Zealand Dollar exchange rate

You can also also see the rates over different time periods:

  • 1H - Bitcoin exchange rate for the past hour
  • 24H -  Bitcoin exchange rate for the past 24 hours
  • 1W -  Bitcoin exchange rate for the past week
  • 1M -  Bitcoin exchange rate for the past month
  • 1Q -  Bitcoin exchange rate for the past quarter
  • 1Y -  Bitcoin exchange rate for the past Year
  • MAX -  Bitcoin exchange rate for all data periods in our system

Bitcoin prices are for information only.

Bitcoin Exchange Rates
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